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Essential points in estimating compression strength

  1. Weight of product in pack.
  2. Number of pack layers on a pallet.
  3. Number of pallets in stack.
  4. Number of days the pack is under stacking load.
  5. Percentage of print coverage.
  6. If there is pallet overlap or gaps in pallet base boards, what is the overall perimeter of cases on the pallet.
  7. Is fork-lift damage a norm or just accidental.
  8. Is the warehouse heated.
  9. Is the warehouse ventilated.
  10. How many journeys are involved from the packing line until it reaches the end user.
  11. What type of transport is used for each leg of the journey.
  12. What type of handling is used at each of the transfer points.
  13. Must the pack hold United Nation certificates or meet any other regulations.

Drop hazards

  1. The total weight of the product in the pack.
  2. The likely drop height and attitude of the package at impact.
  3. The probable nature of the impacting surface.
  4. The position in which the package is normally carried.
  5. The relation of the pick-up and placement heights at the transfer points.

Correction factors

In general it is safe to assume that the more of these correction factors that can be taken into account, the lower the final safety factor can be. However, it is dangerous to ever go below a safety factory of 2 to 1.