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Boxcomp Version  25 - 0200 series corrugated box compression estimation program.

In this file I have provided a little background information and general data. Boxcomp is a mature program and has rarely failed me when it has been given all the information and used with care. 

This program is principally designed for use in modelling the compressive characteristics of FEFCO 0200 series type cases. However, by altering the Working Perimeter value other design types can be accommodated. A certain amount of empirical data gathering, before attempting to model the characteristics of a die-cut design, is a very good idea. 

Fill in the necessary data that the program requests and then alter any of the other default values that do not match your customer's requirements. It should be noted that certain sections are shaded because they are not implemented in this version. Please see the help menu for further details of the various piece of data required and some other pieces of general information. 

This program has default values but can be tailored to the characteristics of any corrugator and conversion machinery, allowing for their Edge crush test (ECT) and Case failure load (CFL) values. The values used are based on the minimum expected paper CCT values. 

The compression calculations are performed using the McKee formula, which is being superseded by more accurate methods, however the program is modular in nature and the code is available in the page, enabling any formulas you wish to use to be substituted.

No warrantee is either given or implied with this program. I will accept no liability for losses caused directly or indirectly from following the program's recommendations.