Machinery to seal either top and/or bottom of standard cases using various closing systems.

Case sealers are supplied in a variety of designs but basically use adhesive, tape or stitches. All types can be either automatic, semi-automatic or random.


Possible to use self adhesive tape or paper tape water activated. Self adhesive machines are extremely popular being comparatively cheap and very reliable. The disadvantage is the cost of the tape, it being a higher cost than any other means of sealing.


Usually a cold PVA glue system or hot melt. PVA systems need a "compression" section to allow the adhesions to set (30 secs). There are numerous ways of applying adhesive but the two basic systems are a non pressurized or pressurized system extruding the adhesive in a desired pattern or a hot melt system applied by a pressurized jet. The costs of adhesive is less than taping but the capital cost is greater.


Not often used as product damaged can result particularly when sealing the top flaps after packing. Layer cards are often used to avoid the problem. Used far less than other methods. However, for large and very heavy products such as lawn mowers, they do have their place.