Packaging Specification

Packaging Specification Management A packaging specification database and management system is an essential element for the consistent application of any guidelines as well as being an essential element of environmental regulatory compliance.

The primary elements of such a database apply to each packaging element including the primary package and all it comprises. The "upper-level" part number of a series of elements includes all data that must be compiled and summed in order to provide complete reporting to environmental regulatory agencies. It is vital that all data must be available on a component as well as complete package basis. It should be noted that each country has different regulations and reporting requirements.

  1. Style
  2. Dimensions
  3. Material - A complete materials database should be cross referenced with the specification database.
  4. Graphics
  5. Secondary Package Specification should include sufficient data for analyzing cubic efficiency, density, case and material specification . This should include any intermediate packages. This will include intermediate packages as shown below.

Unitization specifications should include data regarding the exact unit load construction as well as alternate approved configurations that may be required by different transportation modes.

Other Pack Details that should be Part of the Pack Specification include:

  1. Weight
  2. Volume set-up
  3. Material type
  4. Material details
  5. Recycled content
  6. Environmental labeling
  7. Label attachment or integration method
  8. Reusability
  9. Recyclability
  10. Product weight
  11. Declared volume
  12. End User type
  13. Product label image/data