Common Terms for Corrugated Styles

It is impossible to list all of the terms used to describe pack designs. However, below I have listed some of the terms more frequently used by our customers. FEFCO number codes have the advantage of being less ambiguous.

We know of no frequently used name for some of the designs and so have used the most general terms of die-cut tray or die-cut folder. It should be noted that some designs have names relating to their use. This does not mean other designs are not frequently used for the same purpose.

0200 Raw edge tray.
HSC (Half slotted case).
0201 OFOTB (Outer flaps only to butt).
IFNM (Inner flaps not meeting).
RSC (Regular slotted case).
OPT (One piece type).
Standard case or standard.
0202 OFO (Outer flaps overlap).
0202-01 Shoe box bottom flaps.
0203 OFFO (Outer flaps fully overlap).
0204 AFM (All flaps meet).
Butt panels 1 and 3.
0204-01 Canner's flaps.
0205 Inner flaps meeting/outer flaps overlap natural.
0209-01 Open top tray.
Top (or bottom) flange.
0209-02 OFG (Outer flaps gap).
0210/1 Tuck-in top.
Carton top.
Tuck-in flange.
Aeroplane design.
0212 Tuck-in top/OFOTB bottom.
0214 Turn-in top flange.
0216 Crash lock bottom.
Envelop bottom.
Push Lock
0217 Carry home top flaps.
0225 Turkey lock bottom.
0300 P/S tray/lid.
P/S case/lid.
0300-01 Printer slotter tray flutes in width.
Printer slotter tray flutes short way.
0300-02 Printer slotter tray flutes in length.
Printer slotter tray flutes long way.
0300-03 Stitched (or glued) 4 point collapsing tray, in fold.
0300-04 Stitched (or glued) 4 point collapsing tray, out fold.
0307 Hook-lock tray (die-cut tray).
Corner lock tray.
0320 Telescopic tray/lid.
0400-01 Die-cut folder, furniture type.
0400-02 Die-cut folder, furniture type.
0400-03 Printer slotter wrap, special.
0400-04 Printer slotter wrap, special with outer flaps overlapping.
0401 Corner cut folder.
Maltese cross.
0402 Die-cut folder.
0403 Book folder.
0409 Printer slotter, five panel wrap.
0410 Die-cut folder.
0411 Printer slotter, five panel wrap, centre meeting.
0416 Easipak (die-cut folder).
0421 Die-cut folder.
0422 Turn-over ends tray (die-cut tray).
0423 Turn-over sides tray (die-cut tray).
0424 Die-cut tray.
0425 Die-cut tray.
0426 Shoe box (die-cut folder).
0427 Die-cut folder.
0430 Tote bin, special.
0431 Strap lock tray (die-cut tray).
0432 Tomato tray (die-cut tray).
0433 Lettuce tray (die-cut tray).
0434 Stitched lettuce tray (die-cut tray ST).
0443 Die-cut folder.
0443-01 Die-cut folder.
0501-01 Sleeve around depth.
0502-01 Sleeve around width.
0503-01 Sleeve around length.
0510 Stitched pull through.
Lambert type.
Stitched slide and sleeve.
0605 Bliss case.
0711 Snap-set bottom.
Glue lock bottom.
0748 4 point glued folder.
0760 6 point glued folder.
0900-00 Flap filler pads.
0901-00 Sheet board.
0902 VP (vertical partition) across width.
0903 VP (vertical partition) across length.
0904-01 4 panel liner.
0905 Export type liner special.
0908-01 5 panel liner.
0910 Export type liner special.
0912 Bliss pack end fitment.
0913 Flanged liner.
0920 Liner dividing length.
0921 "S" liner.
0930 Diagonal divisions.
0933-00 Standard divisions.
0933-10 Divisions with outer air cells.
Divisions with spacer cells.
0934 Divisions with outer air cells.
Divisions with spacer cells.
0935 Mixed height divisions.
0940 Buffer fitment.
0946 Buffer fitment.
0951 "U" fit.
0966 Sawn pad.
Slit-score pad.
0967 Glued pad.
0970 "L" fit.
Corner pad.