Machinery to transport a pre collated product into a vertical web of film, wrap the film around the pack and transport through a heated chamber to shrink the film around the pack.

Shrink wrap machinery is in two sections, the sleeve wrapper, where the film is applied, and the actual heated tunnel. Sleeve wrappers can be semi-automatic where the operator pushes the pack through the film but it is more usual to be fully automatic.

The majority of shrink wrap machine manufacturers also supply collators tray loaders and special pack sleeving units. This equipment can be separate or is in some cases part of the sleeve wrapper. The information and recommendations herewith are restricted to the actual shrink wrap operation.


1. Standard Tray Multiplicity of styles possible, square and diagonal columns, high side walls, dropped front three sided etc.

2. High sided tray Used to obtain better protection and stacking strength.

3. Sleeve Sleeves of all types can be successfully shrinkwrapped.

4. "U" Fitments Becoming more popular. Minimum board used but special board folding unit has to be fitted to machine.

5. Base board Used for paint cans and usually heavy products.


There are various film weights usually from 30 micron to 60 micron.

The approximate costs per pack can be calculated from the following formulae.

[ (2 x W) + (2 x H) + 8 5] x [L + (213 x H) ] sq. mm x cost